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That's right, your read that correctly, casino war, as in the game war that you've probably played since you were old enough to hold a deck of cards. It's the simplest of all card games to comprehend and in a casino, it is one of the fastest ways to win and lose. Based almost exactly on the childhood game of "war" or "battle," casino war is now being offered in some casinos (personally witnessed in Minnesota and Las Vegas).

There's not much to it, but that tends to be the attraction of the game. Anybody who knows how to count can play it. And odds are that is exactly why whomever it was that came up with the idea decided to take a chance on what would become probably the fastest game in the casino (if you thought your money disappeared fast with blackjack, you have to try this one). The dealer deals each player one card face up. Then the dealer takes a card face up. If you beat the dealer, you win your bet.

If the dealer beats you, you lose. The cards have the same rankings as in poker, with the ace being the highest card, followed by the king, queen, jack, all the way down to two. In the event your card ties the dealer's card, you can either go to war with the dealer (by matching your original bet), or free slots fruit smoothie you can surrender (by forfeiting half your original bet). If you go to war, the dealer will burn three cards and give you another card.

Then he will burn three more cards and take one for himself. If your second card is higher than the dealer's second card, you win your original bet. If the dealer wins, then you lose both your bets. If your second card ties the dealer's second card, you win. The rub here is the dealer doesn't pay off the second bet you risk to go to war, which is how the house gets its edge. Think that it's unfair? Well, frankly it is, and that is why it is in the casinos to begin with.

There is also a tie bet you can make which pays 10 to 1. (The house edge on that particular bet is around 18%) As for going to war with the dealer, do it if you decide to play this game. The casino's edge is 3.7% if you surrender and only 2.9% if you go to war. It isn't that hard, but if you have never played it before you are going to be a little confused as to why exactly it is that by putting money on the table to go to war, that money isn't matched exactly (remember only your original bet pays off, ever).

If you are looking to give it a shot, go right ahead, but remember that with the simple rules and lack of play time this isn't so much a game as it is a coin flip with a house edge. Have fun.